How To Improve Your Vertical Jump - 3 Powerful Vertical Jump Secrets Revealed

By Joe Collin

The secret on how to improve your vertical jump in the shortest time possible lies in your desire to improve your game. If you want to jump higher, if you want to dunk that basketball like Lebron James, if you want to get the crowd crazy swatting the ball away when performing a defensive play, then you will be able to jump higher.

Truth is, increasing your vertical leap in the shortest period of time takes effort. The jump program training that you take is going to be tough but the end result will be a satisfaction that is going to last a long long time.

Before the start of any game or trainings, it is crucial that you must always stretch. Stretching will loosen your muscles and gives you more room to improve your vertical leap and also enhance your jumping performance.

Here are the 3 explosive trainings on how to improve your vertical jump:

1) Sprints - One of the neglected secret on how to increase your vertical jump fast is sprints. Sprinting builds a lot of explosive power on both your legs. Explosiveness is the key to a successful take off.

Do 4 sets of 4 x 10 yard dashes will help build your agility and explosiveness.

2) Olympic Weight lifting - If you want to improve your vertical leap, you should never skip this weight lifting training. Olympic weight lifting trains most of your core muscles and also injects explosiveness into them during the "lift".

In short, it is the complete training for all basketball athletes as it builds both strength and power - Perfect for increasing your hops.

3) Board Jump/Rim Jumps - If the 2 trainings above builds explosiveness and power, rim and board jumps instills that "natural habit" of jumping in you. One of the key on how to improve your vertical jump is to get into the rhythm of jumping, in other words, developing jumping as second natural.

Stand below the basketball rim and perform 3 sets of rim jumps, exploding up the moment your feet touch the ground. If you cannot touch the rim, the board can be used as a reference. Do 15 repetition per set.

If you are really serious in learning how to increase your vertical jump fast, one of the best jump higher for basketball program out today is the Jump Manual. It is the most complete jump program training system ever assembled to add strength and explosion to your verticals - To date, athletes has recorded an increase of their verticals of up to 25 INCHES!

Joe Collin is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He specializes in the rehabilitation and sports conditioning of athletes from high school to the professional level. He enjoys the game of basketball and also spends his time working out in the gym. Click to uncover the secrets on how to []improve vertical leap

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